Friday, April 4, 2008

Famous People Devoid of Soul

Something is just missing.
Some might call it heartless.
Or deeply chilly.

Again, feel free to send me some add ons:

1. Nicole Kidman (the epitome...I'm not saying she's mean or she wouldn't be nice to have tea with. I'm just saying "hello, hello, there anybody in there?")

2. Jennifer Connoly (she may be made of ice and dust...I don't know).

3. Tom Cruise (He can smile all he wants but he's actually an alien or a droid or something.)

4. Queen of England (But she's actually supposed to be like that. She makes soulless an art form.)

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones (If you cut her, something like mercury would spill out.)

6. Halle Barry (you can be too pretty)

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