Thursday, June 11, 2009

The People Who are Talented but Annoying List

As I watched Law & Order, Criminal Intent, last night, I thought long and hard about Vincent Donofrio. He's a fine actor. More than fine, he's a very good actor. But he's a little annoying, with his over the top mannerisms and twitchy idiosyncrasies.

I fantasized about directing him in an episode of L & O where I'd eagerly instruct him to bring it down a notch. He wouldn't listen and we'd get into an overblown on-the-set argument. I'd win, even though he'd make me nervous due to his size (he's a kinda big guy) and the volatile temper I imagine him possessing.

Then it got me thinking about other performers who are obviously good but seem to grate my nerves a bit. Not just annoying actors, mind you - there are too many to list. These are annoying but talented celebs.

Some actors are beloved, right? Let's take a John Ritter or a Matthew Broderick. Just likable people. And talented, no doubt (I loved John Ritter in Sling Blade and Matthew Broderick is a phenomenal actor, one of my faves.)

Some performers are equally as talented - but just not as likable, for whatever reason:

The Boys:
Jeremy Piven
Richard Dreyfuss
Vincent D'ononfrio
Billy Bob Thornton
Andy Kaufman
Nick Cage
Robin Williams
Mike Myers
Russel Crow
Harvey Keitel
Joaquin Phoenix
Daniel Day Lewis
Ben Stiller
Jimmy Stewart
Bill Murray
John Malkovich
Kenneth Branagh
Orson Welles
Sigmund Freud
Ralph Fiennes
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Jim Carey
Jeffrey Koontz

The Girls:

Melanie Griffith/Meg Ryan
Amy WinehouseReese Witherspoon
Alicia Keys
Debra Messing
Celine Dion
Juliette Lewis
Greta Garbo
Cynthia Nixon
Barbra Streisand
Marie Curie
Diane Keaton
Tyne Daily
Vivien Leigh

Any others?

Thanks to the well-paid staff at Silly Lists of Nothingness for their contributions (Ruby, Joe, Anthony, Andy and Dea).

Thanks to the writers at Open Salon as well. I'll try to update and revise as suggestions come in.
Juliet suggested Ricky Gervais. He plays really annoying people but isn't really annoying. He is very talented, though. Still - it's an excuse to post one of my favorite clips of all time: