Thursday, December 6, 2007

People or Things I’m Supposed To Like But I Don’t and I Kinda Feel Badly About It But Not Really List (with help from my friends):

Beth’ List:

Stevie Wonder
Billie Holiday
Meryl Streep
New York City
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
David Letterman (his humor is so dry, it’s dust-like)
Robin Williams and Mike Myers (their talent makes me uptight)
Cinnamon (Too perfumey)
Johnny Depp
Sex and the City
The movie "Lost in Translation"
The 80's

Ruby’s Additions:

Warren Zevon
The color "nude"
Most people from California
"The method" technique
The Sopranos
Myself (at times)

Anthony’s Additions:

the "film" The Piano
John Belushi
Wes Anderson

Andrew’s Additions:

(As a gay man, I have a unique list, I think):

Ballroom Dancing
Barbra Streisand
Figure Skating
Cats (“the actual beasts, no one likes the show”)
The Beach
Baseball Caps

My Deceased Mother's Additions:

Tyne Daley ("I don't know why - I just don't like her.")
Michael Learned (mother from The Waltons - same reason as above)

Joe’s Additions:

Gandhi (the movie, not the man)
Angela Bassett
The “Sense Memory” exercise
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Grateful Dead
Lance Armstrong
Kate Hudson
Sarah Jessica Parker
“spoken word poetry”
Everybody Loves Raymond

April’s Additions:

The Doors
Mittens (“doesn’t see the point”)
Little dogs wearing clothes

The Hottest Legs in Rock and Roll (for the Ladies)

 So what defines "hot legs in rock and roll?" you ask?

Hot legs are long, lanky and look good in tight pants. And rock and roll legs move well - they strut and jump and wrap nicely around your naked body.

 I mean, not all guys look good in tight pants, you know? Truth be told, I think Jim Morrisson is the only person, living or dead, male or female, who successfully ROCKED leather pants. Makes a girl blush, just thinking of it.

The Hottest Legs in Rock and Roll (in no particular order)

Jim Morrison
Rod Stewart
Daryl Hall
Steven Tyler
Robert Plant
Ray Davies
David Bowie
David Lee Roth
Tina Turner
Pete Townsend

Songs You're Not Supposed to Like But You Do so Screw You List

I have a particular taste in music. I like all kinds but I definitely lean a little toward some songs that could easily be dismissed as empty little pop tunes. And I lean toward these little gems because I genuinely like them - not for the sake of pop irony or anything…I’m not that clever! There’s so much self-seriousness in today’s music - I blame Pearl Jam for this.

So here it goes a list of (insert drum roll here)

(in no particular order)

Groovy Kind of Love – Phil Collins
(A simple remake of a simple tune )

Skyhigh – Jigsaw
(So dramatic!)

Wait for Me (Live) – Hall & Oates
(Daryll Hall’s voice is divine)

Magic - Pilot
Of course, this song went horribly commercial. Damn sellouts – the lot of you! Anyway, this song is just so happy, I could scream, like, forever…

Voices or If You Want My Love – Cheap Trick
A couple lesser-known Cheap Trick songs. Give them a listen and I’m sure you’ll concur

Any Tears for Fears songs
Soaring and heartfelt songs, good vocals. This is my FOUR LEAF CLOVAHHH!

Baby Jane & Passion - Rod Stewart (aka “Hot Legs”)
I’ve always liked the part of Rod’s career that he’s the most embarrassed about

Love is Like Oxygen – Sweet
This song is so epic. Again, high drama

Sailing – Chris Cross
There. I said it…and on national television. Such a gentle, pretty song. If you ever get to hear why he wrote it, you might like it that much more!

Andy Gibb – Everlasting Love (Heavenly voices together.)

Make a Move on Me 
 A Little More Love & Suddenly
– Olivia Newton John
(I’m starting to feel naked right about now. Please stop looking at me.)

Could it be Magic – Barry Manilow
Okay, really…stop with the blank stare. This song is really amazing in its own right – big love, big love!

Strange Way – Firefall
Kinda weird but cool song – with some crazy flute solo in the middle.

Strange Magic - ELO
(ELO kinda doesn’t really belong on this list for some reason but the haunting intro of this song just stops my heart a little.

The Party’s Over – Journey
Journey actually didn’t suck…Steve Perry has one of the best voices in R&R and Neal Schon was no slacker.

It’s Over & Turn Me Loose – Loverboy
Great but somewhat maligned band. Mike Reno’s bratty voice is a bit of a turn-on.)

I Think I Love You – La Partridge Famille
Actually another kind of creepy song that will stick to you like bubblegum. I snuck into a show in Las Vegas with David Cassidy performing a few years ago. He’s awesome…kinda.

You Should Be Dancing - The Bee Gees
A really kick-ass song actually – Barry Gibb screeching in that crazy falsetto of his at the end of the song…and I think there’s a cowbell in there, for good measure.

Baby Come Back - Player
I think Korn was influenced by Player…maybe not.

Lights & Lady
– Styx

Nights on Broadway - The Bee Gees
A lovely song about stalking…nice. But the point being, the Bee Gees are awesome and they rock out more than you think they do)

Crazy Love
Heart of the Night
– Poco

* Like China
* Just a Job To Do
* Taking it All Too Hard
* You Might Recall
- Phil Collins + Genesis

* Keep it Coming Love
* Get Down Tonite
- KC & the Sunshine Band
(Who could hate on KC& the Sunshine band?)

Isn’t it Time - The Babies
I’m not a big fan of that silly single from solo Mr. Waite but this song is special.)

I’m In You – Peter Framptom

Love is the Answer - Todd Rundgren 

I Can Read Your Mind - Alan Parsons Project
Another creepy but pretty tune. Who the hell was in that band, anyway? I think they were computer generated.

If you ‘d like to quietly wave a flag for some closeted tunes of your own, please send them my way.

Famous People Who Would be Jerks to Meet

Now, LOTS of famous people would probably be jerky to one degree or another. But we're talking extra jerky. Grouches, if you will. A friend of ours mentioned Russel Crowe or Sean Penn and I said "No. They're just...bad-tempered. We're talking about serious grouches."

Here's our list thus far. Please feel free to send me a comment and I'll keep the list going.

1. John Cusack Perfect example. The type who could make you feel like your 2 inches tall with a single eviscerating comment.

2. John Cougar Mellancamp. The kind of guy who would be laughing one second and then haul off and punch you for no apparent reason and be totally unapologetic.

3. Bryan Adams. Now I've actually SEEN this guy's wicked ways. He was performing and someone threw a Frisbee at his head and he INSTANTLY jumped off the stage and started throwing punches at the poor dude. Nasteeee...

4. David Walliams from Little Britain (Whoa...have you seen any interviews with him...Cold. And vicious. But I LUV him).

5. Chevy Chase (grouch...a big ol' grouch)

6. Shelly Long (I think we all know that, right?)

7. Napoleon

8. Mike Patton from Faith No More

9. Jerry Lewis

10. David Schwimmer