Thursday, December 6, 2007

Famous People Who Would be Jerks to Meet

Now, LOTS of famous people would probably be jerky to one degree or another. But we're talking extra jerky. Grouches, if you will. A friend of ours mentioned Russel Crowe or Sean Penn and I said "No. They're just...bad-tempered. We're talking about serious grouches."

Here's our list thus far. Please feel free to send me a comment and I'll keep the list going.

1. John Cusack Perfect example. The type who could make you feel like your 2 inches tall with a single eviscerating comment.

2. John Cougar Mellancamp. The kind of guy who would be laughing one second and then haul off and punch you for no apparent reason and be totally unapologetic.

3. Bryan Adams. Now I've actually SEEN this guy's wicked ways. He was performing and someone threw a Frisbee at his head and he INSTANTLY jumped off the stage and started throwing punches at the poor dude. Nasteeee...

4. David Walliams from Little Britain (Whoa...have you seen any interviews with him...Cold. And vicious. But I LUV him).

5. Chevy Chase (grouch...a big ol' grouch)

6. Shelly Long (I think we all know that, right?)

7. Napoleon

8. Mike Patton from Faith No More

9. Jerry Lewis

10. David Schwimmer 

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