Thursday, April 22, 2010

Men you Forgot were Hot

The scientists at Silly Lists of Nothingness have been plugging tirelessly away at yet another ridiculous list for your review. This week, Dr. Ruby Lawrence and Dr. Beth Mann spent nearly two hours in the lab, dissecting photographs of hot men in the name of science.

Now, we're not talking about your garden variety Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. This list include hotties you may forgotten - overlooked hotties, if you will - as well as historical hotties you didn't know existed in the first place.

Young Chris Walken - interplanetary hottie.

The late, great and undeniably hot Cleavon Little.

Harry Houdini - magical hottie.

Jesse James - young, punk-ass hottie.

Kevin Kline - classic hottie.

Lord Byron - poetic hottie.

Kirk Douglas (Dr. Lawrence made me put him on the list).

Robert Powell as Jesus - this man still looks smokin':

Nathan Hale -rocking it in bronze.

John Larroquette - a cozy hottie.

Chuck Woolery...just because.

Frank Langella, maybe not the best Dracula, but the hottest.

Larry Hagman, the early days - steely-eyed hottie.

Franz Schubert, pre-pudge.

Malcolm X - with a name like that, you kinda have to be a hot.

Oscar Wilde...he definitely had it all going.

"It is better to be beautiful than to be good.
But... it is better to be good than to be ugly."

Yul's the power eyebrows.

John Cassavetes - old-school New York style hottie.

Louis XIV - pre-syphilis, sporting an early heavy metal look...literally.

Telly Savalas, sans lollipop.

Tyrone Power, later years...classy and okay wearing pretty scarf.

Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill - monetary hottie.

Donald make-believe dad.

Malcolm McDowell....oh sigh.

(Above, one of the sexiest pictures ever taken of an actor, in Dr. Mann's opinion.)

Shhh...we're busy in our black and white laboratory,
trying to concentrate.

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