Wednesday, September 2, 2009

24 People Who Look Like they Sound

This week's Silly List of Nothingness is composed of people (and some non-people) who look like they're supposed to. They were named correctly. You look at them and say, "Yep, that sounds about right."
Contributions by Ms. Ruby Lawrence.

1. Bob Seger

2. Margaret Thatcher

3. Abraham Lincoln (Because, well...what else would you call him?)
4. Vlad the Impaler - a practical name that says what it does. Clever! Jack the Ripper, Conan the Barbarian and Ivan the Terrible, hats off to you!

5. Julius Caeser - a heavyweight name for a heavyweight guy. The name says, "I'm not messing around. I'm Julius Caesar damnit."

6. Monkeys


 7. Barbra Streisand (of course she spells Barbara differently. Of course. Diva.)

 8. Liverwurst (aka "braunschweiger")

9. Maggots - when "worms" doesn't quite cut it.


10. Gerard Depardieu


11. The Hell's Angels (Fuzzy Love Bunnies on Wheels was their second choice.)

12. Doris Day - when she's not sniffing roses, she's huffing glue. I swear.

13. Marlboros - Ain't no Virginia Slims.

14. Winston Churchill - I bet you he really liked his name.

15. Mars - an aptly named planet, that's all I'm saying.

16. Nute Rockne - photo says it all.

17. Atilla the Hun


18. Lillies of the Valley

 19. Joey Buttafuoco


20. Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie - one of the best characters to grace television. Nellie Oleson IS Nellie Oleson.


21. Edgar Allan Poe
(He's no Guy Smiley.)

22. Ernest Borgnine (If you've never seen it, watch Marty, one of the sweetest movies of all time. "But Ma, I'm ugly!")


 23. Skunks

24. Pablo Picasso - well, what did you expect with a name like that? Trouble with a paintbrush.